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    Auchan has the labeling industry's most complete variety of labeling equipment, including round bottle series, flat type series, side series, the arc class series. Developed a manual, semi-automatic, automatic, non-standard type of labeling equipment. Widely used in cosmetic, biomedicine, food, electronics, plastic hardware, culture, education, alcohol and other industries.
            Auchan uphold self-development, the pursuit of technological innovation attitude, for domestic and foreign customers with leading-edge technical support and excellent product quality service. The company has a senior R & D design team, engineers with more than 10 years experience in automatic labeling equipment industry, Auchan is committed to the development of labeling machine, driven technology industry, so that we can provide customers with unique labeling solutions, production Out of the quality of the first labeling equipment. From design to the use of materials such as work, all customers consider the use of the operation of human nature, and constantly upgrade the upgrading of existing products mechanical structure. Design inspiration comes from listening to customer use, and customers to design, innovation, to create more suitable for customers using the labeling equipment.
            Companies in good faith, innovation, win-win situation, Thanksgiving business philosophy to serve customers. Integrity is the cornerstone of the development of the company, integrity of others, intentions services. Innovation is the vitality of enterprises, breaking the traditional concepts and awareness, from design, production, management and other aspects of continuous innovation and improve product market competitiveness. A win-win situation is witnessed Auchan with the growth of customers, cooperation and mutual benefit, and seek common development. Thanksgiving is a virtue, with a grateful heart for customer service, with a grateful heart to treat every employee.
             Auchan's vision is that through the joint efforts of all our staff to become well-known brands in the automation equipment industry, to design first-class quality of machinery and equipment to help customers improve the level of automated production for the industrialization process of transformation contribute to a force!
     Equipment List: semi-automatic labeling machine, automatic round bottle labeling machine, automatic plane labeling machine, automatic side labeling machine, single and double seam labeling machine, tableware advertising labeling machine, non-standard labeling machine