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    Labeling machine use is a trend in the development of indust

    Dongguan Auchan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. R & D of the printing and labeling machine for food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industry in the carton packaging line labeling ideal equipment. The main development, suction-paste, roll-type, and other types of real-time printing and labeling machine for all sectors of the logistics monitoring application provides an effective implementation tool.
    With the economic development, people's living standards improve, every circulation of goods need to indicate the date of production and other relevant information, packaging is the carrier of information on the commodity labeling is the way to achieve.
    Packaging machine labeling machine is in the packaging or product label machines, not only the role of beauty, more importantly, can be achieved on product sales tracking and management, especially in medicine, food and other industries, such as the emergence of Abnormal Accurate and timely start of the product recall mechanism. High-speed labeling machine Labeling machine is an indispensable component of modern packaging.
     But the world's economic pattern is constantly changing, many domestic enterprises have taken the packaging of automated production. So what is the benefit of automated production?
     1. The introduction of the use of labeling machines, can greatly improve production efficiency, it is unmatched by hand. And this not only reduces the labor intensity, but also to allow workers to work on the heavy liberation, but also improve the working environment of workers.
     2. The use of the labeling machine can improve the hygienic standard and quality standard of the product, avoid human contact, reduce the influence of human factors on the products, and also meet the production of certain high standard products.
     3. Can save factory space. The use of the labeling machine not only saves capital investment, but also eliminates the need for workers to work space, greatly simplifying the workplace, not only optimize the factory production structure, but also save a lot of money.