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    Self-adhesive labeling machine product advantages

    * Micro-mechanical structure design, take up less space, equipment, mobile and easy to place in the assembly line;
    * The use of product-oriented clearance to eliminate the body and the label anti-deviation mechanism, labeling positioning accuracy of up to ± 0.5mm;
    * Labeling stability, labeling formation, no wrinkling, no bubbles, to meet most of the products plane and large arc surface labeling requirements;
    * Mechanical adjustment part of the structure of the combination of the ingenious design and label winding, labeling the position of freedom to fine-tune the convenience (adjusted to be fixed), so that the conversion between different products and label winding becomes simple and time-saving;
    * With no material without labeling, no automatic calibration and automatic detection function;
    * The main material of the equipment is made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, the overall structure is solid, beautiful and generous;
    * The use of standard PLC + touch screen + stepper motor + standard sensor electronic control system control, high safety factor, human-computer interface full Chinese notes and improve the fault handling prompts, teaching functions; easy to use, easy maintenance;
    * Perfect equipment supporting information (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and other information), to provide adequate protection for the normal operation of equipment;
    * With alarm function, the production count, power-saving function (set the time without labeling, the device automatically go to the standby state), the number of production prompts, parameter settings protection (parameter settings sub-rights management );
    * Optional functions: ① heat coding / printing function ② automatic feeding function (with product considerations) ③ automatic receiving function (with product considerations) ④ increase the labeling device ⑤ other functions (according to customer requirements).