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    Select the four elements of Auchan labeling machine

    Many companies in the choice of labeling machine manufacturers will conduct field visits, on the one hand is to observe the production strength of the labeling machine manufacturers, on the other hand is to determine whether the manufacturer of this labeling machine is the real manufacturer, as a professional production labeling Machine Auchan technology, the site visits for the buyers, in the study, they are most concerned about is the following five aspects.
    1, with independent research and development of the technical team, to ensure that the labeling of innovative technology, Auchan technology to do well in this area, from its inception, has been committed to independent research and development, design, production and sales of one-stop automated labeling Machine manufacturers, equipment exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places.
    2, the plant has its own raw materials and semi-finished materials, warehouses, which is an independent research and development necessary place.
    3, assembly workshop, labeling machine assembly or commissioning of the necessary places, each qualified machine is the result of repeated debugging, modification, Auchan technology to the factory of the labeling machine are subject to strict inspection standards.
    4, after-sales service is essential to a link, after-sales service is to return customers and customers to solve the problem of labeling machine, Auchan professional pre-sale consulting, detailed product program analysis to confirm, caring and thoughtful after-sale protection.
    Auchan technology as a professional manufacturer of labels, manufacturers, for a variety of industries, labeling machines, round bottle labeling series, the plane labeling series, side labeling series, has been the best choice for corporate customers.