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    Related terms for labeling machines

    What are the terms of the labeling machine? Dongguan Auchan Automation Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Dongcheng, modern factory area of ??3000 square, integrated in 2014, the company's products through CE certification, the company's technical team includes senior mechanical design engineers, electrical engineers, program engineers, Sales service engineer. Is a well-known domestic focus on independent research and development, design, production and sales as one of the automation equipment manufacturer, the main production research and development labeling machine and other packaging machines, marking machine series equipment. With foreign trade sales team, equipment exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places. The following Xiaobian for everyone to explain the terminology of the labeling machine.
    Is superscript
    Label affixed to the packaging container, the centerline of the label and its theoretical position of the deviation in the specified range, known as the superscript. Where there are multiple labels on the same packaging container, the deviation from the theoretical position shall be determined in accordance with the above definition, all within the specified range.
    Labeling rate
    Percentage of the number of packaging containers affixed to the label in accordance with the labeling requirements (single or multiple) and the total number of packaging containers inspected.
    Damage rate
    The number of labels damaged by the labeling machine and the percentage of the total number of labels used for labeling the packaging to be inspected during the labeling process.
    Positive rate
    The percentage of the number of packaging containers that are in the process of being inspected and the total number of containers inspected in the packaging examined.
    Labeling machine type
    The flat type labeling machine realizes the labeling and film coating on the upper plane and the upper surface of the workpiece, such as boxes, books and plastic shells. There are two methods of rolling stickers and suction sticks, which are mainly selected according to the requirements of efficiency, precision and air bubbles. .
    Round bottle labeling machine can realize the functions of circular, semi-circular, double-sided and circumference positioning labeling on the circumference of cylindrical and conical products, such as glass bottles and plastic bottles. Type labeling and horizontal labeling in two ways.
    Side labeling machine to achieve the side of the workpiece plane, side of the arc surface labeling or film, such as cosmetics flat bottles, boxes, etc., can be supporting the round bottle of standard equipment, while achieving round bottle labeling.