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    Labeling machine non-standard customization is what it means

    Labeling machine non-standard custom What does this mean? Non-standard is non-standard, there is no national standards and industry standards can be based on; standard parts is a national standard and industry standards and other requirements of the parts, the market is common parts, you can easily go to the market to buy back, you can For the. Now manufacturing-oriented enterprises are doing non-standard design, standard parts are stereotypes of what is also designed, but the change is not the case, mechanical principles and other design principles are the same, but some of the standard parts and non- Standard parts, the combination of what it.
    Auchan labeling machine Co., Ltd. is a research, design, development, manufacture in one of the labeling machine manufacturers. The company is located in the development of the ever-changing Fengxian District, the Company since its inception Bingzhe: quality products, first-class service, leading technology business philosophy, unswervingly based on scientific and technological innovation, product research and technology products with great concentration, focus on product quality and integrity services.
    The company has a wealth of experience in the design and development, the production of new equipment to the appearance of standardized parts design, rapid production capacity, customer selection and evaluation in the known as "the best choice for packaging machinery equipment" . Auchan all my colleagues would like to work closely with customers, determined to do China's first-class packaging equipment! I hope your success, I have a help. My growth, you have a trust.