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    Real-time printing and labeling machine for continuous print

    Dongguan Auchan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. R & D of the printing and labeling machine for food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industry in the carton packaging line labeling ideal equipment.
    The main development, suction-paste, roll-type, and other types of real-time printing and labeling machine for all sectors of the logistics monitoring application provides an effective implementation tool.
    Auchan printing and labeling machine performance characteristics:
    Program storage function: Users can set the parameters for a variety of products (such as: the number of tags, delay, alarm processing, etc.) preset in the control computer, transform production needs out of use, no need to re-set .
    A variety of labeling methods: pneumatic, blowing paste, sweeping stickers and other means for users to choose, to meet the different occasions / different items labeling requirements.
    Counter function: a variety of counter functions to facilitate users to understand and follow up the production situation, material status, label use. Different counting methods can greatly improve the flexibility of the user for different production and statistical needs.
    Alarm function: When the fault occurs, the system will pop up the corresponding alarm information or shutdown, so that users clearly understand the fault situation. (Optional alarm modes include: "off / on" signal and "stop / non-stop" command, etc.).
    Real-time printing label leakage stickers feature, you can choose automatic complement (re-hit) function to meet the special needs of production lines. Flexible editing software: compatible with most of the Chinese / English label editing software, print content editing has a strong flexibility.