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    "Machine one year warranty" "home installation"
    Auchan labeling machine after-sales service network covering provinces and cities nationwide
    More than 20 after-sales engineers in the provinces and cities throughout the year on business travel services, accumulated for more than 10,000 manufacturers to provide installation and commissioning, equipment operation and teaching services
    (Semi-automatic machine to transport the past plug in the power can be used, and no engineer-site installation)
    Automatic machine according to the location of the nearest engineer on-site service arrangements
    Green transport
    Bags logistics logistics package shipped
    And Debon, China Railway and many other high-speed logistics cooperation, select the fastest logistics green
    You save the equipment in the process of transporting a waste of time, for more time to arrange for your production, time is money
    Machine shipped, after the arrival of the machine can be used
    Fault service
    Purchased Auchan Technology 's labeling equipment within one year warranty period
    Equipment, any failure can always call the 24-hour customer service hotline 4000-168-503, 2 hours to respond
    24 hours after-sales engineers can arrange on-site service